Summer school on waltzes @AKDT 2018

The 3 times of the waltz: technique, musicality, variations

Summer school on technique & musicality in the waltz with live music,

with Elena Leibbrand (dance) and Caroline Goffart (accordion, violin, dance)


14 – 21 July 2018, in the frame of the very renowned Académie d’été de Neufchâteau (AKDT), in the South of Belgium


What to expect

Waltzing, swirling, whirling around …

What about a week of waltzes on most diverse and stirring music? Based on a repertory of various waltzes, this workshop offers an approach of the dance* as much technical as intuitive.

Do you want to waltz properly? Get into the technical aspects allowing you to turn better? Feel more relaxed in your body? Learn how to let yourself go in the dance? Become a good leader as much as a good follower, find the adequate posture, spare your energy and communicate in the dance?

Would you like to sense more about the musicality of those waltzes? Get to catch the musical subtleties which can feed your steps? Offer yourself the possibility of playing with rhythm and variations?

In a playful, creative, friendly, and respectful atmosphere, we propose a travel among all those aspects, with as an extra, some discovery moments of other kinds of waltzes, besides the ones we’ll be using as main material.

So join us for twirling week, we’ll get up and waltz!

(* The kind of waltzes (Viennese, Swedish, auvergnate, musette, cajun, slow, irregular etc.) will be chosen according to the group.)

The evenings are usually shared with the teachers and participants of about twenty other dance and music courses, with concerts, initiations to other disciplines, balls, Belgian beer and crazy evenings.


This video shows our 2017 end-of week presentation:


Important information

It is not necessary to sign up as a couple, we will often change partner, and everybody will be invited – but not obliged – to dance as a leader as much as a follower.

The workshop will be given in French, with succinct translations into English or German if necessary. The more non-French speakers, the more translations.

The workshop will partly be given on live music by Caroline (violin & accordion) !


Note on our workshop series on WALTZES

In « Waltzes of yesterday and today » (Given in the summer of 2017, ans also in one-day workshops with Elena), we offer a journey through a large number of waltzes, without going very far into technique or rhythmic variations. It is a rather « horizontal » journey of discovery.

In « The 3 beats of the waltz: technique, musicality, variations » (summer 2018) we choose fewer different waltzes, and go further in technique and musicality; and finally, possible variations for each.

These two workshops are therefore complementary, although obviously, there is a part in common.

Dance level and target audience

The workshop has been designed for (semi)-advanced dancers. It is preferable to either have some experience with a kind of waltz, or at least any other couple dance.

Any question or doubts about your level? Don’t hesitate to  contact Elena in French, Dutch, English or German!


Little fun video we made with some of the participants of AKDT 2017:

Here’s an article (in French) on last year’s edition, with feedback of participants

So, do you want to join us ?

Tarif & Registration

Registrations are open!

You will find on this page of the website of the AKDT the tariff of the workshop and options (housing, meals) and the link to the registration form (end of page).


The summer school will take place at Athénée Royal, Avenue de la Victoire 28 B-6840 Neufchâteau

Where to sleep

The early birds can book a bed in a simple student’s room in the boarding school which is in the same building as the classroom and the canteen. (Most single rooms have one bed, one table, one chair and one sink).

The more resourceful or thrifty can pitch their tent right next to the building where the summer school takes place, and use the showers there. They can either cook their own food, or take (some) meals at the boarding school.

The most independent and those who appreciate being able to retire in their bubble will be able to choose one of the many B & B of Neufchâteau. They can also choose to share (some of) their meals at the boarding school.

Dates & times

Arrival on Saturday, July 14 from 17h approximately: distribution of keys, finding your room, etc. After an evening meal, we meet for the first time together, in our classroom.

Departure is on Saturday, July 21 after lunch, so around 13h.

What to bring

Bring at least one pair of shoes with soles that allow you to slide and turn. Ladies, one with a small heel, one without heels, or even just socks.

Bring one pair that allows dancing on concrete, for the evening dances that take place in a gym.

If you like, bring comfortable clothes for stretching on the floor, and a yoga mat. (Our room has a comfortable vinyl floor).

For the evening dances, and also for fun moments, why not bring a wide skirt, a dress, and some typical « waltz outfits ».

Facebook & car sharing

If you want to find out who’s interested, or organise a car share: find the event on facebook